Live shows update:

Sat 2nd Aug @ Gas factory, Helsinki (private acoustic)
Sat 6th Sep @ V*ttu mikä Kokemus!, West Coast Bar, Kokkola

Live shows (acoustic):

Sat 1st Mar @ Ykspihlaja-Ilta, Snellman-sali, Kokkola
Sun 23rd Mar @ Easter Sutinaa, West Coast Bar, Kokkola

Live shows (acoustic):

Sat 22nd Dec @ English Pub, Kokkola
Fri 28th Dec @ Kari Pakokangas memorial festival, Ykspihlaja

The Phonies' song Doggy Collar will be in The Power Pop Overthrow Vol. 1 -compilation CD. This CD will be released and distributed by 272 Records. For more info see:

It's been a while since last update and I guess some 'news' got lost in binary heaven during our server meltdown. Anyway, the Phonies has made some line-up changes: guitarist Jukka Kääntä has been replaced by Joni Tiala. What else? Hum...well, new songs are coming slowly but steadily. There is no confirmed plans what comes to the next album, but we'll definitely release 3rd full-lenght by next summer. Godspeed until next update!

Next gigs (acoustic):

Fri 12th Oct @ Corner's, Kokkola
Sat 13th Oct @ Charity Party, Ykspihlaja

- Hog 'Handsome' Hansson -

Forthcoming gigs:

Sat 12.08.2006, Bar 15, Seinäjoki
Wed 23.08.2006, Päiväkoti, Turku
Thu 24.08.2006, Korjaamo, Helsinki
Sat 02.09.2006, Vakiopaine (acoustic), Jyväskylä

Tom Stenman (lead singer and lyricist of The Phonies) makes couple of acoustic solo performances in the following summer. Contents of the solo project will include songs from his past and present bands such as The Refreshments, Mental Market and The Phonies as well as some well chosen covers. Project will be carried out using the name 'Tom of the Man'. Line-up of the background musicians might vary gig by gig. First four gigs have been booked already:

Fri 02.06.2006, English Pub, Kokkola
Sat 03.06.2006, English Pub, Kokkola
Fri 16.06.2006, English Pub, Pietarsaari
Sat 17.06.2006, English Pub, Kokkola

Feel free to testify the torch of his madness on days mentioned!

- Astral Gnome news agency -

Some new Gran Tourettes reviews added. Click flags in the 'disco'-section to read reviews currently available of The Phonies releases.

Gran Tourettes is now available! You can order CD directly from us or via music web-stores in the near future. See merchandise section for more details.

God dammit! There is going to be a minor delay in Gran Tourettes launch. There has been a misunderstanding between us and CD plant (bloody Czechs). Hopefully CDs will be in our distributor on week 14...

You can listen full mp3 versions of two 'Gran Tourettes' songs on Be a phony and tune in!

Web pages have been changed a bit (as you probably noticed). Bigger update is coming as soon as Hog has some spare time...

The Phonies second studio album 'Gran Tourettes' will be released on 30.03.2006.

Recording phase is now finished. We ended up to mix 11 songs for this album. Mixing phase will start on week 5. At this point we'll take opportunity to announce that The Phonies line-up is (once again) changed. See bio-section for more info.

New full length recording is progressing slowly yet firmly. Drum and rhythm guitar tracks are completed for ten songs. Keyboards are also almost finished for ten songs. We have planned to record at least two additional songs resulting 12 to 13 songs totally. Apparently 10 or 11 of those will end up in the final release. Aim is to get recordings ready by January 2006.

The Phonies 2nd full length CD recording sessions will be started on week 44. Aim is to have ~12 songs CD released by 1st quarter of 2006.

Couple of Gospel-single reviews added in 'disco' -section. Click little flags under CD-cover to see what critics have to say about Gospel.

Gospel CDS is now officially released. You can order Gospel from Record Office (Levyvirasto) or direclty from us. See 'merchandise' section for more info.

New pictures added in the 'graphics' section.

Some minor site layout updates, one new promo picture and new guestbook.

Gospel single will be released on 27.08.2005. Gospel lyrics have been updated in 'lyrics' section. Here's short audio clips of Gospel songs: Doggy Collar (961KB) and Circles Of Mania (961KB)

Upcoming gigs:

Fri 08-Jul-2005, English Pub (acoustic), Kokkola
Sat 09-Jul-2005, English Pub (acoustic), Kokkola
Fri 22-Jul-2005, Bar15, Seinäjoki
Wed 03-Aug-2005, Laiva, Kokkola
Sat 20-Aug-2005, Bar68, Jyväskylä
Sat 27-Aug-2005, Westcoast Bar, Kokkola
Fri 09-Sep-2005, Corner's (acoustic), Kokkola

Well, it's been a while. The Phonies line-up has changed. We decided to carry on with one guitarist and let Mr. Kola to concentrate on his studies. Process of decision didn't contain any drama, main reason was long geographical distance between Kola and rest of the band. This was unfortunate but yet inevitable action to make to ensure progress of the band.

After few rehearsals we realized that there is a certain emptiness in the bands overall sound. It was almost impossible to perform old songs with only one guitarist. We ended up to ask our old friend and eclectic keyboardist Masi Isohanni to join in The Phonies and to our delight he said yes. So, this is the story so far what comes to line-up changes.

Next studio session will be on July. We'll record at least three new songs and release CDS during July-August under Money Laundry label.

Gig calendar shows some marks and those will be informed in here soon.

Minor face lift for web layout. Bigger update coming in the near future...

Yep, we were in the studio recording couple of acoustic songs. Here are the songs in the mp3 format (roughly mixed, un-mastered):

Wooden Nickels (4063KB)
Brothers In Spiked Arms (4329KB)
I Have Always Been Here Before (4400KB)
Frozen Leaves (4103KB)

More upcoming gigs:

Fri 25-Mar-2005, Restaurant Jokihelmi, Kannus
Fri 01-Apr-2005, Corner's Pub, Kokkola

Upcoming gigs:

Fri 28-Jan-2005, Hotel Kaarle - Calle (SPR event - few songs for tsunami victims), Kokkola
Fri 11-Feb-2005, Mallaskosken Minibaari (acoustic), Seinäjoki
Fri 25-Feb-2005, Flavour Of The Month Club (acoustic), Turku
Sat 19-Mar-2005, Kapteeninkulma (acoustic), Raahe

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) we run out of Instant Elations. Nevertheless CD is still available in record stores around finland, see merchandise section for more info. Make some instant shopping and be elated!

Some old and new CD reviews added in disco section. More "Instant Elation" reviews coming up soon...

The Phonies - Instant Elation is available! See merchandise section for ordering info.

The Phonies full length CD "Instant Elation" will be released on 30.10.2004. CD release party will be arranged in Westcoast Bar, Kokkola on Sat 30.10.2004. After the record release, it can be bought via distributors around Finland or directly from us (just send email). We'll update the price information later in the "merchandise" page.

Web site pages "disco", "lyrics" and "graphics" has been also updated. More updates coming after CD release...until then Godspeed for all of us!

Upcoming gigs:

Sat 23-Oct-2004, Bar68, Jyväskylä
Sat 30-Oct-2004, Westcoast Bar, Kokkola
Fri 26-Nov-2004, Corner's Pub, Kokkola

New feature added! We have added message board in our web site. You can access to message board by clicking menu bar msg board link. Message board is a bit "under construction" but nevertheless fully functioning. Updates will be done ASAP (usability, layout, etc.). Feel free to try it out and please do give some feedback if it doesn't work.

Unfortunately we are not able to keep original release date, which was 30-Sep-2004. Mixing job is nearly done, but mastering will take about two weeks and CD manufacturing another two weeks. We will inform new realese date estimate as soon as we know it ourselves.

Latest news from the studio: all strings are now added. Mixing job is started and we'll continue work on the next week. Here is the sample of Golden Boy (latest version with strings and bg vox).

BTW: Lyrics page is also updated. Yet, you can't find song titles at the beginning of the page, but you can find all lyrics by scrolling down the page. Song titles will be updated after CD is released (hopefully soon ;)

Latest news from the studio: we got Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw tracks from London, England! Nick played great double guitar solo (one of his trademarks) to the end of Naked Angels Loose and Ade did bass on the Golden Boy. Ade's son Aaron played also keyboards to Golden Boy. We added tracks and next thing to do is to fit'em in the final mix. We should have had all done by the end of week 35, but unfortunately our studio engineer got sick. In the meantime here is one more sample from our forthcoming record (something completely different ;) When We Two Parted. BTW: Folks, buy the latest The Bevis Frond album Hit Squad from! Why? Simply because so far it's the best CD released this year!

One week behind in studio. What a job to compress almost 90 hours studio time in one week! But it was undoubtedly worth it. We managed to get eleven songs ready what comes to basic instruments. What is still missing? Well all vocals, Nicks and Ades parts, couple of guitar solos, some strings and tambourines etc. in the others words all small pieces that'll make songs complete (didn't ment that vocals is a small part ;). Here are the raw and unmixed samples of two new songs: Golden Boy and Naked Angels Loose.

Well, next week will be spend in studio. I'll try to keep some sort of studio diary and update info in this site to keep you up. In the same breath I'll take opportunity to inform ya all that The Phonies will make live appearances on Fri 06-Aug-2004, Kannus (Scandinavian Music Group warm up) and on Fri 13-Aug-2004, Kokkola (Leirintäalue).

The Phonies will go to studio during July 2004. New full length CD, featuring contributions from the legendary psychedelia wizards Nick Saloman and Adrian Shaw, should be available in September 2004. Forthcoming record will be released under Money Laundry Records label and distribution will be handled by Edel Records.

The Phonies live on Wed 19-May-2004 in Sokos Hotel Kaarle - Calle Night Club (Kokkola).

The Phonies goes acoustic on Fri 14-May-2004 and Sat 15-May-2004 in Koodi (Kokkola).

Merchandise section updated and The Phonies goes acoustic on Fri 16-Apr-2004 in Corners (Kokkola).

Lyrics section updated. New four song CDS available on 15-Mar-2004, see music section for appetisers. The Phonies will also have live appearance in Westcoast Bar (Kokkola) on 10-Apr-2004. This event will also act as a record launching gig, since we are quite lazy to do lives.

New and old mp3's clips added in the music section.

Lyrics section updated. New mp3's and pics coming up soon...

Lyrics section updated.

Merchandise and Contact sections updated. The Phonies email address works now and other good news is that you can order The Phonies CD5 from 5R Majic (see merchandise section for more information).

Songs from the latest studio session added in the music section.

Pictures and lyrics sections updated.

The Phonies recording session on 06.06.2003-08.06.2003. Next author's edition CD5 out in the near future!

Gig with Supernova Crash in the Westcoast bar - Kokkola on Fri 30.05.2003. Ticket 4 €.

Limited edition of new CD5 available. See music section for mp3 samples.