The Phonies are a band from the northern port city Kokkola, Finland. The Phonies is centered around the partnership of the songwriter duo Stenman-Lehtomaa, who originally started their co-operation on late 80's. Stenman and Lehtomaa are probably best known from finish power pop band called The Refreshments, which released few singles and one album during 90's. The Refreshments attracted some international attention and they made split single and mini tour with UK indie band called Mega City Four. Unfortunately The Refreshments broke up during the recording sessions of their second album. From the ruins of The Refreshments arose Mental Market, which made one album before breaking up.

The Phonies can be described as a combination of guitarist Risto Lehtomaa's characteristic fingerwork and singer Tom Stenman's angelic vocals flavoured with the thoroughly disturbing lyrics. Main musical influences for the band are The Bevis Frond, Neil Young and Roky Erickson just to name a few of them.


Tom Stenman - Vocals
Risto Lehtomaa - Guitar
Joni Tiala - Guitar
Hog Hansson - Bass
Ville Keiski - Drums


The Refreshments (Lehtomaa/Stenman):
- Spring | Bitter (7", Backdoor Music, fresh-01)
- Bitter (CD5, Gaga Goodies GOCD-4, 1993)
- Fresh! (CD, Gaga Goodies GOOD-28, 1994)
- Split (/Mega City Four) (7", Gaga Goodies GO-37, 1995)

Mental Market (Stenman/Hietalahti):
- Insults (CD5, Popatak, IEU-003, 1998)
- Spooky (CD, Popatak, IEU-009, 2000)